Sunday, 11 March 2007

Why use locally roasted coffee?

We use Abrisca coffee. Abrisca are award winning roasters located in East Brisbane.
The advantage of using locally roasted coffee is that it is fresh.

Coffee deteriorates after roasting and even faster after grinding. So there is really no substitute to having your coffee roasted locally. Imported beans such as those found in supermarkets (Lavazza for example) or some coffee houses may have been roasted several months ago and will have lost alot of their unique flavours.

Our coffee is delivered in sealed bags with a one way valve. The valve allows the coffee to give off gasses but does not allow air to enter the bag. When coffee is exposed to air, it deteriorates and will eventually become stale.

Coffee should be stored at room temperature. Cold coffee resists extraction and if exposed in a refrigerator or freezer may absorb either moisture or other flavours which would be detrimental to its flavour.

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